Sunday, 9 December 2012

Crafty Folk BNR Shopping Update

Crafty Folk BNR Shopping Weekend Update

We held the Crafty Folk weekend last weekend and I'm happy to report it was a lot of fun and a successful event!  We had lots of team members and lovely Etsians stopping by to chat, browse and buy and we would like to thank you all. 

Special thanks go out to our curators who donated their time to run the BNR;- Hannah of Squintessential, Jen of Miss Bohemia, Zoe of Top Floor Treasures, Caroline of the UK Christmas Store, Louise of Loutul, Lesley of The Woolly Knitter and our resident chatterbox Liz of Mad Mum Knits for her support (as always) and keeping us company throughout the BNR.


As well as being the main organiser of this BNR, Hannah also generously donated 2 giveaway prizes from her website Squintessential and we can now announce that the 2 winners!  

Handmade purses and jewellery Giveaway Prizes 
by Squintessential

Congratulations to 


We're hoping to run another BNR soon, so look out for more details on this blog!

Jen :-)

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Crafty Folk BNR Shopping Weekend!

Crafty Folk BNR Shopping Weekend!

It's been a long time, but the Crafty Folk BNR is back for the weekend and just in time for some Christmas shopping!  We have a preview of the shops in this BNR treasury and we will be open from 4.30pm (GMT) until 11.00pm (GMT) today and tomorrow. (See explanation at the end of this post)

The 16 shops below are all featured in this BNR and this will be automatically updated as the featured shops are replaced.

Hannah of Squintessentials is also generously providing giveaway prizes and offering everyone who buys in to the BNR a chance to win a purse with handmade jewellery inside.  We will be hosting a raffle once the BNR ends we will announce the name of the 2 winners. 

Giveaway Prizes by Squintessential



1) The BNR is open to anyone who would like to buy in, not just members of the team.  If you are an Etsy seller, but also shop on Etsy stop by for some great handmade goods, supplies and vintage treasures.

2) The BNR will be open from 4.30pm to 11.00pm (GMT) Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd December.  

3)The event is promoted in our team, on our blog and facebook page and can help to get your shop noticed and increase traffic.  It is hoped that everyone will help with promoting and many of the featured shop offer discounts and promos!

4) There are 16 featured shops in the BNR.  If you see something you would like to buy from one of the shops and complete your purchase (see the BNR for minimum spend), your shop takes the featured spot of the shop.  

Anyone who wishes to buy needs to check their chosen shop is still available by checking the previous posts and then posting a message stating who they would like to buy from in the treasury.  The curator will post a message to confirm for you to go ahead and make your  purchase.  Once this has been done you need to leave a comment stating which shop they have bought from and the transaction link.  Your shop will then replace the one you have bought from in the treasury and vice versa. 

5) If you have any questions - just stop by the BNR and ask the curator

* All are welcome to stop by to chat, help promote or shop *

Jen & Hannah

Crafty Folk Team Treasuries & Inspirations

Crafty Folk Team Treasuries & Makers

Did you know here in the Craftyfolk team we have a resident treasury maker?  Her name is Aunty Joan of Aunty Joan Crafts and in addition to having a wonderful shop on Etsy, she also curates amazing treasuries for the team filled with different team members. We would like to show case some of these treasuries today, along with Aunty Joan's shop, which is filled with quality handmade cards, tags, plaques and much more!  I've included some of my shop favourites below:

 Christmas Card for Nanna         Christmas Gift Tags Set 3            

Here are some of the wonderful treasuries (and great shopping ideads) curated by Aunty Joan


We would like to say 'thank you' to Aunty Joan for all her hard work!

We also have other team members who co-ordinate treasury challenges, promos and competitions and we will be featuring these members on the blog soon.....

Thank you for stopping by!

Jen :-)

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Craftyfolk Twitter Giveaways & Dottie Designs

Dottie runs the Craftyfolk Twitter giveaways – what’s this I hear you say?  Well it’s Dottie’s inspired idea to get the Craftyfolk team onto Twitter and get us all out there and known!   Dottie runs our team Twitter account @CraftyfolkEtsy with Di and James, and we’ll post again with more details about what Di and James do.

Dottie is a super-charged crafting Queen and wonder mum of three who runs a fab shop called DottieDesigns xx.  And if that isn’t keeping her busy enough (!),  Dottie is also extremely generous to all us Craftyfolk with her time and considerable expertise!

If you want more information about the Craftyfolk Twitter Giveaways click on the link, and you’ll be able to see the team thread and the list of Craftyfolk shops taking part in the giveaways.  We’d like to take this opportunity to say a BIG thank you to all the Craftyfolk shops who have taken part, your generosity with the giveaway prizes is absolutely fantastic and winners are absolutely thrilled to bits!

There’s a giveaway scheduled each time @CraftyfolkEtsy gains another 200 followers and Dottie promotes each giveaway shop in advance of their slot.  Currently there are over 6,300 followers and once another 200 new followers has been reached Dottie announces the giveaway is open - all’s you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is follow @CraftyfolkEtsy and retweet one of @CraftyfolkEtsy tweets. 

Although all us Craftyfolk team members aren’t eligible to win a giveaway (well that wouldn’t be fair now would it?) you can still get involved and do your bit to help promote all the team by retweeting @CraftyfolkEtsy’s tweets.

As Dottie does spend a significant amount of her time helping us all out, we also like to retweet Dottie’s own tweets – you can find these under our team tag which is #craftyfolk.   If this @ and # business sounds like double dutch, check out the post Craftyfolk’s guide to using Twitter!

So what does Dottie do?  Well Dottie makes the most lovely personalised and customised photo albums, guest books, recipe books, journals and keepsake boxes.  Dottie’s so good at what she does DottieDesigns xx has won Theo Paphitis’s coveted #SBS award!

Contact Dottie with your requests for a personalised photo album that’s perfect for those snaps of a special birthday, christening or holiday occasion - you could use one to put all those photos of your baby growing up (if my niece is anything to go by they don’t half grow like weeds eh?) or even if you’d just like a special album to house those photos of your everyday wanderings with your camera.

If you like to keep a journal – whether that’s to remember every detail of your honeymoon hols, your latest crafting exploits or your musings on life as we know it, then Dottie can make you one that fits your style and taste.

Dottie also makes personalised and customised boxes!  We’re terrors for hanging on to ticket stubs, cards we’ve been sent and general bits n bobs that we want to treasure forever – so a special box for these is perfect.  If you’re getting married and want to keep hold of all those lovely cards and well wishes you will be sent one of Dottie’s keepsake boxes fits the bill!

You can find Dottie here:

Twitter  @DottieDesigns

Saturday, 22 September 2012

CraftyFolk Round Robin

Our CraftyFolk lady has been very well travelled since the last update and we have to say, she's looking fabulous!

First stop was with Dawn of Audrey's Cat who added a beautiful little brooch made with vintage fabric and fits in perfectly with the existing colour scheme:

Then it was on to Alison of Blue Forest Jewellery who added this gorgeous dragonfly necklace made with colourful drawbench glass beads:

Next stop was a short trip across the West Midlands where she spent a little time with Louise of Loutul.

In Louise's own words:
"Well, she’s now arrived at my house. I’ve been wracking my brain trying to decide what I could do to add to her. To cut a long story short, my hubby eventually came up with the idea of a Phantom of the Opera mask. This idea started to grow on me, especially when I started reading back. As she was described as a heroine I thought that every self-respecting heroine needs a mask to go incognito when she needs to. So what better than a pewter mask trimmed with Amethyst Swarovski crystals to match the purples"

And so our lovely lady is now ready to go to the ball, complete with a beautiful pewter mask:

Watch this space for the next update on her travels!

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Craftyfolk team on Twitter!

Are you on Twitter?  We highly recommend it for the following three reasons:

1.       The Craftyfolk has a team account under @craftyfolkEtsy and team members use #craftyfolk in their tweets – which makes it super quick and easy to find/promote one another.

2.       Tweeting regularly will definitely increase views to your shop, website or whatever it is you are linking to.  It can be a powerful marketing tool potentially reaching 1000s of people with just one well written tweet!

3.       It’s super quick, free and it’s a whole heap of fun! 

The @craftyfolkEtsy Twitter account now has over 3,600 followers and is growing daily and that's thanks to all Craftyfolk team members for their collective time and effort!

The team account was set up by Dawn from Roses andRazorblades, with Alison from Blue Forest Jewellery.  It’s now run by CF team leaders Di from Adiencrafts, Dottie from Dottie Designs with James from JPW Photography helping out too.  You can find all their details at the end of this post. 

Look out for upcoming posts for more details about what Di, Dottie and James do.  We'll also post again about the Craftyfolk giveaways which are taking place on Twitter - plus we'll also do another post with details of Twitter social networking events.  

Do get in touch with us if you are already on Twitter and involved in networking events you can recommend - we can let all team members know about them!

It's quick and easy to connect your Etsy shop to Twitter!

You will have to set up an account with Twitter first and Etsy have made it extremely easy to connect up a twitter account, click here for details. 

Once you’ve connected your Twitter account Etsy automatically adds a ‘follow’ button on your shop header and you’ll be able to use the ‘tweet’ button next to listings or treasuries (on the right of the page under ‘Share’). 

To tweet about an Etsy listing or treasury simply click on the button, type in a tweet and it will automatically embed a link/image of your listing into your tweet – it couldn’t be quicker or easier!  Remember to add #craftyfolk to the tweet so the team can find you!

What’s Twitter’s @ and # all about?

Twitter uses the @ symbol before each user's name, for example @craftyfolkEtsy, and the # symbol gets used before key words that you can then search under – for example #craftyfolk.   So @ is for connecting to and tweeting to other users, and # is for searching by keywords to discover new content on subjects you are interested in.  

You can have more than one Twitter account - you might want one account under your own name and a separate one for your Etsy shop.

If you sign up to Twitter under your Etsy shop name don’t forget to put a bit of info in your profile and a link to your website or shop.  You can customise Twitter by uploading your Etsy avatar and using your logo/shop banner in the background.  Often users who still have the default ‘egg’ avatar, or have lots of numbers in their twitter name, are spammers or hackers – and you don’t want to mistaken for either of those!

So how do you connect with followers and follow people you are interested in? 

If you are brand new to Twitter we suggest you search for @craftyfolkEtsy, click on the ‘follow’ button and tweet introducing yourself.  Don't be shy!  And don’t forget to use the #craftyfolk keyword in your tweet so other Craftyfolk team members can also find you!

Your home page on Twitter has a live feed showing all the tweets for people you follow, including all their retweets, so this is a good place to look for new people to follow and interesting stuff to retweet. 

Find people who are interested in the same things as you by doing keyword searches using the # symbol before the keyword.  You could try #knitting, if you are into that, and follow people you think are tweeting interesting things on that subject.  Any key word works – try using #giraffes and you’ll find lots of tweets on - you’ve guessed it correctly - giraffes!

How does Twitter work?

If you have a touch phone with access to the internet on it, you can download a free app that makes it really easy to tweet on the go and/or you can use Twitter from your home laptop or desktop computer with your broadband connection.

Tweets are short 140 character messages you send out to your followers - a bit like a text message.  You can also retweet (RT) people you follow and reply to their tweets to start a conversation.  The key thing to remember is to check your ‘@ Connect’ tab.  This will bring up a page where you can see messages being tweeted to you, and when you’ve been mentioned in someone else’s tweets.

If you are being tweeted by someone we suggest you retweet these so they will appear under your own tweets – it also lets the person who has tweeted you know you have seen their tweet and makes it easier for other people to follow a conversation, but it also means those tweets will appear in your followers ‘home feed’ tab.  

If your followers choose to retweet your tweets, they will go out to all their followers - so just a couple of retweets can potentially reach 1000s of people.

How do I keep my account secure and block/report users?

If you find you start being followed by people whose tweets are offensive, explicit or are spamming, there are steps you can take to stop it immediately.   Twitter will shut these accounts down eventually – spamming or explicit material is a definite no-no on Twitter.  You can choose to block these users so their tweets don’t show up on your feed and they can't follow you, click here for Twitter's guide to blocking/reporting users.

Keep safe on Twitter by being aware of what links you are clicking on – particularly in direct messages (DMs).   If you get a DM with a link in it like ‘have you seen yourself in this video…’ DO NOT click on the link and report/block the user who sent it to you.   Never, ever give out your password and if you think you have compromised your account, or it has been hacked, change your password straight away.   Twitter has a helpful guide to safe tweeting.

How can I use it to promote what I do?

You could choose to only use Twitter to promote your listings, but you’ll get more interest if you are also retweeting other people’s content and are interacting with others.   

By retweeting @craftyfolkEtsy and other team member tweets, or interesting things you come across, it will broaden your appeal and keep your followers following.  So we'd say try not to tweet too many of your listings all at once, instead space them out between things you are retweeting and are interested in.

To start off conversations you can tweet to your own followers, but there are other ways to interact!  Thanking new followers for following, thanking your followers for retweeting your tweets, retweeting your followers tweets and replying to mentions are also all ways to start conversations and get noticed.

You can also use the # symbol before words that are relevant to what you are doing – say you crochet items, if you are tweeting a listing you could use #crochet, then when people search for #crochet they will see your tweet.

Lastly, whilst Twitter can be a powerful marketing tool for your crafting business, don’t forget to have some fun!  Let your passion for what you do shine, tweet about things you are genuinely interested in and interact with the people who follow you and that you have followed.  The Craftyfolk team has a right old giggle tweeting with people and in the process are making connections all over the place! 

This post is only the tip of the iceberg, and we will post again with more about Twitter, but in the meantime check out Twitter’s basics 101 for more information about how to use Twitter. 

To get you started with who to follow, here’s the twitter details for everyone mentioned in this post, they will all follow you back, so don’t be shy in introducing yourself...

...and we know we’ve said it umpteen times already… but remember to use #craftyfolk in your tweets!

Craftyfolk team twitter account - @craftyfolkEtsy

Julie at Kip & Fig -

PS If any Craftyfolk are stuck with Twitter Kip & Fig will help you get started!  If you’re having trouble getting onto Twitter send us a convo via Etsy, or if you have set up a Twitter account just tweet us!


Sunday, 12 August 2012

CraftyFolk Round Robin

Our lady has been on her travels again, this time for a stay with Jen of MissBohemia.  Jen very bravely started to tackle the background and the results are just beautiful:

In Jen's own words (from her blog)

'Instead of adding jewellery or accessories to the poster, I wanted to challenge myself and create something more art based.  I had originally planned to use ink pads and blending techniques to create a pink and blue background, but the shiny surface made me rethink that idea. I decided on watercolour paints and used a mix of pink and blue in varying shades, along with blending the colours together to create pinkish/blue highlights.  I added shimmery powders and a sprinkling of pink glitter to soften the background and add texture.  After using stamps to add vintage styled text, butterflies  and a swirl border,  my work was done. '

Isn't she looking wonderful? Keep popping back to see what has been added next....

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Crafty Folk Round Robin

Remember our Craftyfolk lady? She's recently continued her travels around the country and here's an update of how she's looking. You may remember that her hair was given a fabulous golden glow by Lu of Handmade in Keswick?

Her next stop was Hannah of Squintessential who 'glammed' her up even more with watercolour pencils and clear glitter. She's looking very sparkly!

Next stop was Karen of Frou Frou Felt where she was given this beautiful felted flower:

She reminds me of a flamenco dancer now! Keep an eye on the blog for the next stage in her transformation.....

Monday, 23 July 2012

Inspired by CraftyFolk (Part Two)

In our last post, we showcased some of the amazing work from the CraftyFolk team on Etsy as part of the inspiration item challenge. The idea was for everyone to come up with their own item based on this beautiful Ipad case from Whimsy Woo Designs:

Here are two more of the items inspired by Shirley's case....

Adien Cards & Gifts

Lynwood Crafts

Sue from Lynwood Crafts then put all the contributions into this gorgeous treasury - don't they look fantastic together?

Ipad Sleeve Story Fruit...

CIJ 20%-Kindle Case Cov...

Felt Shoulder Purse Bag...

20% OFF SALE Spiral Bou...

CIJ SALE 10% OFF Magica...

Silver and apatite Dott...

Ring binder Fabric Cove...


Inspirational Card Beli...

Embroidered Brooch - St...

Embroidered Felted Coin...

Bird card


Small Bird Card

Magical Fantasy Garden ...

CIJ 20%-Embellishment B...


Monday, 16 July 2012

Inspired by CraftyFolk

Its been a while since our last post but we put that down to being so busy with all the new team activities.....well partly!

One activity has been a wonderful inspiration challenge suggested and organised by Sue of LynwoodCrafts. The idea was that those involved put forward an item to be used as an inspiration and we voted for our favourite. The winner was this beautiful Ipad Case by WhimsyWooDesigns:

Once the inspiration item was chosen, we all went on to produce items of our own based on the Ipad case, taking inspiration from the colours, feel or design. Here's the first few finished items, I'm sure you'll agree how amazing they are and how many different interpretations there were of one item:


Deborah Jones Jewelry 

Lillys Night Garden

Whimsy Woo Designs 

One Little Pug 

Heket Designs

Miss Bohemia

Frou Frou Felt

Amazing! The challenge isn't yet closed so watch this space for more fabulous interpretations.

Friday, 18 May 2012

CraftyFolk Spring Swap

As you may know, a few of us in the CraftyFolk team on Etsy took part in a Spring Swap. Most swaps have now been sent and received and I need to get them featured here while its still actually Spring!


The swap received by Hannah of Squintessential was this beautiful pewter cat created for her by Louise of Loutul:

Isn't she stunning?

Louise's Etsy shop is full of all manner of lovely items including Embroidered Wall Art, Pewter Wall Sculptures, Pewter Candle Sleeves, Decorative Glass Bottles, Custom Embroidery and Pewter Embossing. Here's just a selection of them, click on the photo for more information:


In one of those strange coincidences, the two Vintage shops taking part in the swap were drawn to swap with each other. Michelle from Mish73 sent this book to Linn of LinniR. I haven't read it but I know it will be much enjoyed by Linn:

Michelle's shop is described as 'Eclectic Vintage finds' and I can't think of a better description! Here's just a few of the vintage treasures you'll find there: