Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Craftyfolk Twitter Giveaways & Dottie Designs

Dottie runs the Craftyfolk Twitter giveaways – what’s this I hear you say?  Well it’s Dottie’s inspired idea to get the Craftyfolk team onto Twitter and get us all out there and known!   Dottie runs our team Twitter account @CraftyfolkEtsy with Di and James, and we’ll post again with more details about what Di and James do.

Dottie is a super-charged crafting Queen and wonder mum of three who runs a fab shop called DottieDesigns xx.  And if that isn’t keeping her busy enough (!),  Dottie is also extremely generous to all us Craftyfolk with her time and considerable expertise!

If you want more information about the Craftyfolk Twitter Giveaways click on the link, and you’ll be able to see the team thread and the list of Craftyfolk shops taking part in the giveaways.  We’d like to take this opportunity to say a BIG thank you to all the Craftyfolk shops who have taken part, your generosity with the giveaway prizes is absolutely fantastic and winners are absolutely thrilled to bits!

There’s a giveaway scheduled each time @CraftyfolkEtsy gains another 200 followers and Dottie promotes each giveaway shop in advance of their slot.  Currently there are over 6,300 followers and once another 200 new followers has been reached Dottie announces the giveaway is open - all’s you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is follow @CraftyfolkEtsy and retweet one of @CraftyfolkEtsy tweets. 

Although all us Craftyfolk team members aren’t eligible to win a giveaway (well that wouldn’t be fair now would it?) you can still get involved and do your bit to help promote all the team by retweeting @CraftyfolkEtsy’s tweets.

As Dottie does spend a significant amount of her time helping us all out, we also like to retweet Dottie’s own tweets – you can find these under our team tag which is #craftyfolk.   If this @ and # business sounds like double dutch, check out the post Craftyfolk’s guide to using Twitter!

So what does Dottie do?  Well Dottie makes the most lovely personalised and customised photo albums, guest books, recipe books, journals and keepsake boxes.  Dottie’s so good at what she does DottieDesigns xx has won Theo Paphitis’s coveted #SBS award!

Contact Dottie with your requests for a personalised photo album that’s perfect for those snaps of a special birthday, christening or holiday occasion - you could use one to put all those photos of your baby growing up (if my niece is anything to go by they don’t half grow like weeds eh?) or even if you’d just like a special album to house those photos of your everyday wanderings with your camera.

If you like to keep a journal – whether that’s to remember every detail of your honeymoon hols, your latest crafting exploits or your musings on life as we know it, then Dottie can make you one that fits your style and taste.

Dottie also makes personalised and customised boxes!  We’re terrors for hanging on to ticket stubs, cards we’ve been sent and general bits n bobs that we want to treasure forever – so a special box for these is perfect.  If you’re getting married and want to keep hold of all those lovely cards and well wishes you will be sent one of Dottie’s keepsake boxes fits the bill!

You can find Dottie here:

Twitter  @DottieDesigns